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WEDDING // Lucy & Steve’s Multicoloured Islington Metalworks Wedding


I’ll tell you straight off the bat that for me, weddings are all about celebration – having your nearest and dearest around to be part of something incredibly important, and having a jolly old knees up at the same time.  It’s about joy, and family, and friends, and laughter and you know what? Lucy & Steve’s wedding couldn’t be a better example of just that.

As I’m  compiling this blog post, all I can see is photo after photo of excitement, happiness, and love for Lucy & Steve who are just kind, beautiful, wonderful people and so clearly well loved by everyone who knows them.  Lucy looked like a stunning 1950s Hollywood actress in her polkadot petticoat dress and I’m not sure what I liked most about Steve: his expression as he saw his Mrs-to-be as she walked down the aisle, or his super slick dance moves at the end of the evening.  Islington Metalworks, where the reception was held, is the most incredible venue right in the heart of London and all of Lucy & Steve’s hard work in putting together so many little details were absolutely worthwhile, it all looked incredible.

One of the things that will stick with me for a long time to come needs a little explanation though.  Lucy is from Canada, but as she’s lived in London for a while, she and Steve decided to get married in Islington Town Hall.  It wasn’t until they’d booked the Town Hall, they discovered that way back in 1939, Lucy’s grandmother Janet had also been married in Islington by the Town Hall registrar.  If that wasn’t coincidence enough, the design of Janet’s engagement ring was exactly the same as Lucy’s (completely unbeknownst to Steve when he bought the ring).  Lucy and Janet were so close, and though Janet was 98 she was determined to be there at Lucy and Steve’s wedding.

And then, a hiccup.  Right before the ceremony was due to start, there was a phone call to say that Janet was on her way but stuck in horrendous Twickenham traffic.  The registrars at Islington waited for as long as they could but the ceremony had to start.  I can’t imagine how disappointed everyone must have been but all was not lost.  As Lucy and Steve were signing the register, the doors burst open – amazingly, Janet’s taxi had battled valiantly through London traffic and she’d arrived just in time for the last part of the ceremony.  Not only that, but Lucy and Steve had arranged for a copy of Janet’s wedding certificate to be presented to her by the registrar.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

I was so very sorry to receive an email from Lucy a few weeks ago to hear that Janet passed away just before Christmas. My condolences go to her family.  I’m just so glad that she was able to celebrate with you, Lucy.

Thank you to Cristina Rossi for seconding this one with me and a massive, massive THANK YOU to Lucy & Steve for having me along, for being amazing people and for having such an awesome wedding for me to photograph :) Much love xxxx

Hair & Makeup – Sabrina Lily (http://www.sabrinalily.co.uk/)
Dress – top, sash & petticoat custom made by Catherine Shaw (http://www.allboneandtrimit.co.uk/)
Flowers – Catherine Rubaine (http://catherinerubaine.blogspot.co.uk/)

Charlotte - The bride and groom have the best smiles, and this blog post has got me beaming too! Lovely!January 20, 2014 – 4:53 pm

Rachel - Such a beautiful story, a fabulous looking wedding and gorgeous images. This post has really made me smile! xJanuary 20, 2014 – 5:09 pm

Nasser - Wow these pictures are fantastic. I love the way the toning suits the mood as well.January 25, 2014 – 9:45 pm

Triatan - Lucy & Steve’s wedding was so much fun and the photo are superb. Thanks for doing such an amazing job for my best friends.March 18, 2014 – 3:47 pm

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